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Welcome to the New FanBolt Forums Emma 66 7 daysEssy (17798): Aww hun sorry to hear that. ((HUGS)) Lots most days I feel like thier is not enough time in the day. Between my family and dealing with my folks.
FanBolt Random Questions Thread Essy 1 9 monthsEssy (17798): The FanBolt Random Questions Thread Have a question about FanBolt? Not sure post something or find something? Question about the rules or your account? Ask it here! This is the place to ask anything and everything relating to the FanBolt Forums. A helpful member or someone from the staff will be by as soon as possible to answer your question and help in any way you need.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Fan Thread Maddy 28 6 daysvamplover (2605): loved the return last night i felt so bad for fitz at the end i hope the find/save simmons
Heroes Reborn: Fan Thread beachdreaming 19 7 daysvamplover (2605): so much info at once. i need a cheat sheet to figure out all these storylines
Getting to know you littleDiva 37 7 daysEssy (17798): Hmm there are so many good ones. But I will go with a classic. . Summer of my German soldier. Same question lol
How did you come to join FanBolt? Essy 84 8 daysvamplover (2605): yes it would
Currently Reading... oceanista 22 8 daysMonster_A_GoGo (638): I am reading the latest Young James Bond novel, called SHOOT TO KILL, i think (I'm not home and don't have the book in front of me). I love James Bond and have read all of the novels, including the Young Bond series (for young adults). This was not published in the US, so i had to order it from the UK. It's pretty good. A high school aged Bond goes on a field trip of sorts to Hollywood via airship...and mobsters who film beatings and killings as...
Nashville: Fan Thread vamplover 7 12 daysvamplover (2605): nashville finally returned last night whoelse watched????
Interest in Movie Posters? CameronMac 1 1 monthCameronMac (1): Hi everybody. Total newbie here. I inherited a ton (A TON!) of movie posters and I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. The first box is newish posters from around 2000-2010 or so. They're about 19x26 I'd guess. Do people collect these things? Anyone interested in them?
Supernatural: Fan Thread Emma 4 1 monthWickeddoll (126): So there aren't any of the old posts here, now? At any rate, I thought you may like this item.
The return of TWIN PEAKS Monster_A_GoGo 3 2 monthsMonster_A_GoGo (638): Well, I hope the revival series is a success. I can't wait for it to debut, but I just read that it won't air now until 2017. ARGH!! Sooooo unfair!
Walking dead Rachelsantioni 4 2 monthsdgaige24 (622): I really like this show, because it is not so much about zombies as it is about the people and how they handle the situation. I like that, really sometimes the people are more harmful and more scary that the monsters (zombies).
Movies: Fan Thread Essy 26 3 monthsMonster_A_GoGo (638): AWESOMENESS!!!!
The Walking Dead: Fan Thread Emma 91 3 monthsparkercat (4): Season 6 Oct 11 can't come fast enough!
The Vampire Diaries: Fan Thread Emma 21 3 monthsmisschrista13 (1): She's not the first to fall off for long periods of time.. I mean she says she's done with the show but it's not like she'll be struck by the hammer of Thor should she come back. Stranger things have happened in television.
Movie Poster collectors thread! Monster_A_GoGo 30 3 monthsMonster_A_GoGo (638): Howdy out there in Poster Land. Here are images of my latest poster scores! Oooooo.. Nothing to really write home about. Well, there are some things I'm excited about. Take a gander. See what you think... Although I've never seen "Varan the Unbelievable", I love my giant monster posters (the movies themselves usually suck...monstrously!). I saw a linen copy in an antique store in Washington that I wanted desperately...except I don't...
iZombie: Fan Thread Emma 24 4 monthsvamplover (2605): apparently fanbolt had a izombie contest and i missed it. i keep forgetting to check that part of the website. anyways, tomorrow is the season finale. i hope major survives. i love his bromance with ravi
Once Upon A Time: Fan Thread Emma 21 5 monthsAmethystkat (13): Ok - finale Wow! 1-I'm thinking Merlin is Lilith's father. 2-I have to admit I didn't know how they were going to go into a fifth season and still keep it fresh. And I think they've managed it! 3-Henry as the author? Loved it. 4-Emma is the dark one? Will she be able to balance it with her good nature and not be as 'evil' as Rumplestiltskin was in his cowardice? The knife got left behind, so that's a good thing, because it means that she has...
Grimm: Fan Thread Essy 19 5 monthsvamplover (2605): just caught up on grimm. i cant believe juliette did that. your right thats unforgivable. glad trubel is back though
Agent Carter vamplover 23 5 monthsvamplover (2605): Just In: 'Agent Carter' saved! ABC orders second mission
Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead lexibaby 5 5 monthslexibaby (10): yes i have! :) it's more "grown-up" than the VA series, if you ask me. more complex problems but definitely loved it too :)
Reign: Fan Thread Emma 52 5 monthsLinda (1): I wonder why the CW doesn't do more to promote this show. I've thought of writing shows like the Tonight Show and asking them to put some of the Reign actors on. Do you think this would help?
Shark Tank: Fan Thread beachdreaming 7 5 monthsLinda (1): I don't care for Kevin (Mr. Wonderful). He comes across as mean spirited and arrogant.
The Flash: Fan Thread vamplover 13 5 monthsvamplover (2605): me too. such a great episode im still confused on how wells is related to eddie though. same name but he is from the future. is that suppose to be him in the future?
Marvel's Daredevil Amethystkat 1 6 monthsAmethystkat (13): Just started watching Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix and I am completely hooked. I couldn't find another thread already started about it, so I am hoping it is ok to start one now. There was no tag for Daredevil or Marvel's Daredevil, so I'm hoping one can be added so I can tag this thread with it. I like the writing and the complexity of the characters in this series. And they have chosen some really good actors for the series. I'm...
Pretty Little Liars: Fan Thread Emma 30 6 monthsNibbio (1): Thanks!
XFILES REVIVAL!! - Official info from FOX :) AgentExtremis 3 6 monthsGingerSergeant (1): We'd better see Laurie Holden guest star!
Doctor Who: Fan Thread Emma 8 6 monthsGingerSergeant (1): Anyone else get freaked out over the Doctor Who April fools joke, where they said One Direction would be guest starring?
Comics to Television...What should be next? Anna_Louise 4 6 monthsGingerSergeant (1): On TWD, bringing the comics to life in the show, I'd hope to see Negan and the Saviors sometime soon. Hopefully Negan is played by Jon Hamm. Damn. And I hope Daryl ends up being Dwight! Maybe he leaves Alexandria because he doesn't fit in, ends up finding Negan, thinks he's a good guy, befriends him, helps him, then when Negan goes after Rick, Daryl realizes he messed up and tries to help Rick again. Just like Dwight in the comics.
Hart of Dixie: Fan Thread Essy 8 6 monthsvamplover (2605): i agree. i enjoyed how they ended it.
The Walking Dead Season Finale Theories KristaSamp 9 6 monthsKristaSamp (4): @jmcharries @csi782 I don't think that Rick shot Reg either. It makes the most sense. Now I'm curious as to what Morgan thinks of Rick for shooting a very alive man in cold blood (he deserved it, but Morgan doesn't know that yet). Glenn is one of my favorite characters, so I hope he didn't get bit. I haven't read the comic books yet, but I plan on doing it hopefully over the summer.
izombie vamplover 6 6 monthsvamplover (2605): yeah im not crazy about the roommate or the ex fiance
The Blacklist jmcharries 2 7 monthsvamplover (2605): yes i love the show too. red and tom are my favs. the series has really gotten good this season
Vampire Academy movie lexibaby 4 7 monthsvamplover (2605): yeah i would have loved that
Scorpion: Fan Thread princessbryn 3 7 monthslexibaby (10): OMG! I love Scorpion! :) My fave eps were the pilot and the one with the boy on the beach
Orphan Black: Fan Thread YearofTiger86 2 7 monthsimaslayeraskmehow (1): I'm so excited for the new season! I've read a lot of things implying that fans are nervous that introducing the male clones is jumping the shark. I don't get that at all -- I could see being nervous that it will remove some of the focus from the Project Leda ladies, but I'm excited to learn more about the guys. Plus the show runner has said numerous times that Sarah is the heart of the story and they wouldn't stray far from her. I feel like the...
Ant-Man jmcharries 2 7 monthsvamplover (2605): i dont know anything about the comics but i love all the marvel movies. im looking forward to seeing ant man. i like paul rudd hopefully he will do a good job with the role. im used to seeing him doing comedies though so this is going to be weird cuz from the previews it looks more like a serious drama
Amazing Power Rangers Shortfilm astilair 5 7 monthsjmcharries (613): I saw it right before it got pulled from YouTube and thought it was great but by the time I was going to share it with friends it was gone. Whenever somebody has a copyright complaint YouTube has a policy to pull the video immediately with no questions asked and it's up the uploader to make their case to have it posted again. To me it should be protected because parody is protected by law so if they consider it a parody the creator is not...
WILL WALKING DEAD EVENT IN DALLAS SELLOUT?? frankgonzales18 3 7 monthsEmma (6054): Yeah they usually do sell out - so get them now @frankgonzales18! :) Hope you come! It's always a blast! :)
ON HEARING OF THE PASSING OF LEONARD SIMON RonPrice 3 7 monthsRonPrice (1): It would appear that, even to many people who were not Star-Trek fans, Leonard Nimoy is greatly missed, as you say. Maybe it's partly due to his incredible creative output over more than 60 years. In addition, the following are some additional reasons: 1. Cast members of Star Trek who had worked alongside Nimoy gave personal tributes after his death. William Shatner wrote of Nimoy, "I loved him like a brother. ... We will all miss his...
DYING FOR NEXT WEEKS EP. frankgonzales18 2 7 monthsMichonneisawesome (1): Same here!
WSC Convention SaulsGirl 2 7 monthsd3athw3asel (1): Me too!
What did you think of The Walking Dead ep? AliMentioned 4 7 monthsSaulsGirl (1): Walker Carwash BEST. SCENE. EVERRRR
Can't wait for tomorrow! KristaSamp 1 7 monthsKristaSamp (4): I'm excited to see what happens on the new episode. What is Alexandria going to be like for our group?
New CW Series featuring Both Flash and Arrow astilair 2 7 monthsvamplover (2605): Arrow/Flash Superhero Team-Up Spinoff In Works At CW; Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Caity Lotz Star EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics superheroes are uniting in a potential new drama series at the CW, a spinoff from hits Arrow and The Flash that will feature several fan-favorite recurring actors/characters from both shows. I have learned that the network has teamed with Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim for...
Romance Fans? cmh627 1 7 monthscmh627 (10): Anyone want a free Romantic ebook? The book will be a gift, but I am asking for an honest review in return. Please comment with a review you have done, and an email address, or email me- Thank you.
The Walking Dead WSCSF PaularBear 6 7 monthsexcalibrax (1): Sign me up!